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What We Do

Troy Food Company is a wholesale distributor and producer of premium quality dried fruits, nuts, seeds, mixes and other related items.

How We Started

When we began importing specialty food products in bulk in 1993 many potential customers asked us if we could offer them these products in convenient size packages designed for sale in the United States. We began to offer Nature�s Harvest products and these products have become quite successful.

Troy Food Company

Nature's Harvest
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Who We Are

Troy Food Company started out selling dried fruits, nuts, seeds, mixes and other related items over fifteen years ago. Business continues to grow because the owners are active managers who maintain the highest quality control standards possible and still keep higher cost under control.

In November 2008 we moved into a new, modern and more efficient facility. We offer many packaged products that other companies do not because they are difficult to pack and control the quality. Mixing, roasting, processing and packing are done daily to insure freshness. Our honesty, integrity and high standards speak for themselves.
The Best of Nature's Harvest
Dried fruits and nuts. The original snack food.
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